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Pharaoh & Amali the Fennec foxes Add Video

Pharaoh & Amali are two of our Fennec Foxes and this is the first time they have met. We bred Pharaoh and we got Amali from Flashman foxes a week ago. We're thrilled that they have got on so well.

Posted by Elina Darling on December 31, 2011 at 3:09 PM 1459 Views

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Reply Okamii
12:00 PM on February 20, 2012 
Hey i was just wondering i am form canada, and i was wondering if eventually if i could purchase a fennec fox from you guys (or when would that be, like the soonest i could get one from you) andi wouldn't mind knowing hte cost.
Reply Elina Darling
11:35 AM on January 6, 2012 
Hello and welcome!
Indeed the Arctic fox is very, very awesome and is an amazingly cool pet so long as you do your research first. Now where to begin. . .

Arctic foxes are the most dog like of all the foxes we keep; they are very soppy if raised right, take well to walking on a lead and many people including us let let them go out in the garden like a dog to go to the bathroom. You must watch them though as they are AMAZING diggers and some can climb. They are also quite smelly if fed the wrong diet and if worried. Ours are fed the right diet and are very seldom worried so they smell just fine.

You can keep them in your house however like with a puppy they will chew wires, shoes, clothing, furniture and such but unlike a puppy they will never grow out of it. This goes for all species of fox however you can train them out of it but if you turn your back on them they will be sneaky and do everything you have taught them not to do. This is why we advise people to not leave their fox unattended unless it is crated or in an outside enclosure or a fox proof room.

We keep our arctics in an outside enclosure now as they were a bit too boisterous inside and also with the heating on in the house during the winter it is really a bit too warm for them inside.

Are they noisy? Well it depends what you class as noisy.
When Sapphire is happy to see me she will scream her head off but once I get to her she quiets down. She also calls when she thinks it is dinner time (might I add she is like an alarm clock as come 6:30 she starts calling). When they call it sounds like a seagull more then anything and it is pretty loud BUT it is only a couple of times a day and as soon as she gets what she wants she quiets down again.

You can keep other pets as well as a fox but if they will get along really depends how high the other animals prey drive is as well as the personalities of both animals. If you look through my videos you can see my papillon gets along with all of my foxes as do my other dogs. It is VERY important to watch them though for if you have to break up an argument.

You really only have yo bathe foxes when they are young as they will get excrement on themselves and they are very messy eaters when young but when older they groom themselves and generally keep themselves clean. Fennecs do often still need to be bathed as they often sleep in their excrement even as adults for some unknown reason.

Foxes are pretty good about keeping their fur nice on their own so need little to no grooming. If you have more then one fox they will groom each other if they get along.

Weather wise summer is a bit warm for the arctics when they are kits as they are born in more or less their winter coat so they just sleep all the time. When they are older they blow their winter coat before the summer so it should not be too bad. I provide my fennecs with a heated bed which they have on all year long as they do better the warmer they are (within reason), it is also important to make sure the room they are kept in is not drafty.

Yes foxes require exotic pet insurance as opposed to the sort you have for a cat or dog, they also have to see an exotics vet.

If you have any further questions please feel free to ask!

Reply Nicholas Da Silva
6:48 PM on January 5, 2012 

I've recently been on the look out for a cool pet to have and stumbled upon the fennec fox. I've read about it and got really mixed up reviews and your site is the only site I can find that has been kept upto date and therefore was wondering if you could point me into the right direction when it comes to these stunning creatures!

I literally know next to nothing about keeping a fox. I won't lie, however, I'm more than happy to learn everything I need to.
After looking through your site quickly, I've found myself drawn towards the artic fox! (IT'S SO FLUFFY AND AWESOME! :O)
Do I have to have an outdoor enclosure for the fox(s) to live in? Can't they simply live indoors with me in the house and roam the garden at will.

If they did live indoors, how difficult would this be? Do they chew on electrical wires, dig up carpets?

Are they noisy animals to keep?

Can I keep any other pets whilst I keep a fox?

If I did get either the artic fox or Fennec fox, how do we wash them (Or do they look after themselves like most cats)?
- The artic foc also has a lot of fur from what I can tell. Would this require brushing and general grooming or does it not matter?
- Does the hot/cold weather bother any of these animals? (can't imagine england being too cold for an artic fox)

Would a fox come under exotic pet insurance?

I've got tonnes of questions yet but these are the only ones I can currently word together that make any sense. I'm sorry if you get asked what must be really obvious questions but I would much rather I know everything I have to and then make an educated decision on whether or not to get myself a fox or not as a pet.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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