Corsac foxes Corsac foxes Baby Valla 132491706 My babies Valla and Freyja curled up together 132491707 Outside Valla on her first trip outside 132491708 Bed Valla loves her, I mean our bed. 132491709 Sleeping Baby Valla sleeping in her tent 132491710 Still sleeping Baby Valla sleeping in her tent 132491711 Here we go 132491712 Hi! Baby Valla the corsac fox kit says 'hi!' 132491713 Still sleeping Baby Valla the corsac fox kit sleeping in my robe. 132491714 Cutie pie Baby Valla the corsac fox kit relaxing on a cushion 132491715 Hi! Baby Valla the corsac fox kit looking cute as always. 132491716 Love my sister Baby Valla the corsac fox kit hanging out with her big sister Sprite the papillon. 132491717 Elspeth Elspeth the corsac fox 132491718 Sleepy Harry Harry the corsac fox sleeping 132491719 The first time I saw you The first time I saw Harry the corsac fox 132491720 The first time I saw her The first time I saaw Elspeth the corsac fox 132491721 Corsac cuddles Harry and Elspeth the corsac foxes curled up together 132491722 Poser Harry the corsac fox actually standing still for once 132491723 Looking up 132491724 Chubby cheeks! Harry the corsac fox in his winter coat. Look at those cheeks! 132491725 I heart M4 Elspeth the corsac fox checking out her daddy's airsoft guns. 132491726 Whats a snowman Elspeth the corsac fox looking a little like a snowman 132491727 Lipstick 132491728 Hey 132491729 Evil eyes Harry the corsac fox bored or posing for the camera 132491730 Relaxing with my Mummy Elspeth the corsac fox relaxing on my lap 132491731 My bling Elspeth the corsac fox wearing my necklace. She loves is! 132491732 Fluffy paws See how fluffy the corsacs paws are? 132491733 Smelling the roses Elspeth the corsac fox sniffing the flowers on the duvet cover 132491734 Nom Harry the corsac fox with a treat stick in his mouth while Elspeth looks on 132491735 Peek a boo Elspeththe corsac fox playing peek a boo 132491736 Crazy! Harry the corsac fox looking crazy mid sneeze 132491737 132491738 132491739 132491740 132491741 132491743 132491744 132491745 Valla 172319256 My sofa fox 172319257 Sofa tennis 172319258