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Arctic fox- The fox with the hare's feet.


Interesting facts:


* The Arctic fox has the thickest fur of any land mammal when in it’s winter coat.


*The Arctic fox is the only mammal native to Iceland.

*They have fur on the underside of their paws.

*They sometimes will enlarge ground squirrel burrows to use as dens.

Alopex Lagopus as the scientists originally called the arctic fox was named so due to it’s densely furred feet. Alopex being Greek for “fox“ , lago meaning “hare” and pous meaning “foot”.


Although previously assigned to their own genus Alopex, genetic evidence now proves they are so much like the majority of other foxes (‘true foxes’) they are now referred to as Vulpes Lagopus.


The Arctic fox lives farther north then any other species of fox living north of and above the tree line on the Arctic tundra in North America , Eurasia, Arctic islands, and on the alpine tundra in Fennoscandia, ranging from northern Greenland to the tip of the Hudson Bay, Canada.


Arctic foxes can be either the traditional snow white or grey, referred to as blue. Blue is far less common then white though litters can contain both colourations.There is also a phase known called shadow where the fox is grey and white all year long.


During the spring the fox will ‘blow’ their winter coat and become brown to blend in with the surroundings. The winter coat will return in time for the first snow fall. The foxes of blue coloration will remain dark all year however their winter coat is slightly lighter then their summer coat.


Arctic foxes are scavengers and will eat almost anything as they are like us, omnivores.


The population of foxes fluctuates in response to lemming numbers with starvation being a leading cause of mortality.


With the decline of the fur hunting industry, the threat of over-exploitation is lowered for most Arctic fox populations.


Continued climate warming may endanger some populations such as that of Fennoscandia.


Height at the shoulder: 10-12inches


Head/body length: 548-601mm


Weight: 3.1-4.0kg


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